Straightforward Account Opening

Establish Terms of Business with TAM

In order to introduce clients you must be a regulated financial adviser with terms of business established with TAM. To confirm your status or to set up terms of business please contact our adviser support team:

Phone: +34 871 183 840      Email:

Once terms of business are in place, just follow the straightforward account opening process below:


Complete our risk profile questionnaire and proposal request form

  • Our risk profile questionnaire can be downloaded here, and can help you and your client decide how much risk they're willing and able to take with their money.
  • Our proposal request form can be downloaded here, and gathers all the initial information we need to generate a customised pre-investment proposal for your client. 

We aim to return your proposal within 48 hours, or earlier if it's urgent.


Review the customised pre-investment proposal with your client

Our pre-investment proposals are personalised to you and your client and outline:

  • Our current strategy & outlook
  • The chosen risk profile & portfolio example
  • Who will be managing the  chosen portfolio
  • Our investment & research process
  • MifID II compliant ex-ante costs & charges


Paperless application form

Once you have reviewed the proposal with your client and they confirm they are happy to proceed, our digital application form can be downloaded here and allows you to complete, sign and return it online, taking away the need to print and post, saving you both time and resource. 


Make the most of 24/7 online account access

Once the account is open and funded, we will set up the client's online access and send you the log-in details. Clients can access their online account at any time and from any device - a helpful userguide to get the most out of our innovative online platform can be downloaded here.