Model Portfolio Solutions

TAM Europe does not give financial advice so it is essential that we work with experienced financial advisers and intermediaries to offer our services to clients. We do not believe in a one-size fits-all approach and as such have over the years designed and developed a range of model portfolio solutions for advisers to offer their varied clientele, all of which come with a choice of risk-graded portfolio options ranging from defensive lower-risk returns, to higher-risk equity-based investment returns.

Dynamic Model Portfolios

12 year track record
£200,000 minimum investment
0.5% AMC

Low-Cost Model Portfolios

8 year track record
£200,000 maximum investment
0.25% AMC

ESG Model Portfolios

7 year track record
No minimum/maximum investment
0.4% AMC

Passive Model Portfolios

Actively managed portfolios of passive investments 

Additional ways to access our services

Our award-winning investment portfolios are also available via a range of platforms.